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Convenience rollup update for Win 7 SP1

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It has been my experience that after installation of available updates the next check (revealing no more available updates) has gotten quick.  Then, each month when the list of available updates grows, the "hard CPU loop" problem returns with a vengeance.  So I've learned to be cautious about calling it "fixed".


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No of course not, all of the updates in that list are not REQUIRED to make WU working. But the goal isn't to just get WU working (according to Paul Thurrott), WU checked for updates for 2 hours on his Convenience Rollup and then showed updates. The goal is to get WU to finish scanning quickly. For that I recommend integrating those updates which are not included in the CR. They are not required to get WU working, but required to get it working FAST like 5 mins waiting time.

In fact, the IE11, Virtual PC, RDP 8.1 updates are optional. So are KMDF, UMDF, WinHelp, Agent, Hyper-V components, RSAT and some others. But the Convenience Rollup includes updated files for many of these components. If you don't integrate them and later install them, you will have to install updates for them again via WU.  Instead, if you slipstream these optional components first into Windows 7 Setup and THEN slipstream Convenience Rollup, they all get updated files from CR without you having to download them from Windows Update. I believe this takes off a huge chunk of the time required for checking for updates. Still, if you want to integrate only the essential updates I think the following might work although I haven't tested it. It might take far longer with only these updates to finish its check for the first time after a clean install):

KB3020369 (April 2015 Servicing stack update)
KB2670838 (Platform Update)
KB971033 (Update for Windows Activation Technologies)
KB2990941 (NVMe/PCI Express SSD drivers with TRIM support) – This is not essential but more like future-proofing for NVM Express SSDs
KB3087873 (Hotfix for NVM Express drivers)
KB3059317 (Security Update for common controls)
KB3102810 (Update to fix high CPU usage and slow installation and searching for updates)
KB3138612 (Windows Update Client: March 2016)
KB3145739 (Security Update for Windows Graphics Component)
KB3153199 (Security update for Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers)
KB3156017 (Security update for Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers)
KB3156417 (May 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1)
......and then Convenience Rollup.

But like I said, after integrating the full list, WU finished its check after a clean install in around 5-7 minutes on my machine and there was only 150 MB to download (34 updates) after hiding the language packs, drivers, telemetry and Windows 10 upgrade s***e. :P

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