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NTLite for Windows 7 updates...


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I have a question that I cannot seem to get a straight answer for. If I pop in an OFFICIAL Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit DVD, copy it to a folder, and point NTLite at it, I see all four versions of Windows 7, as though ei.cfg had been removed, even though it hasn't. This is fine as I intended on removing it anyway So I could install all versions of Windows 7 OEM with a single, updated disc. However, what is not clear to me is whether or not I need to do the entire process of applying updates, adding drivers, and setting post-install stuff for all four versions. My thoughts are to load the Ultimate edition, update it, add drivers, and set post-install things to run like VC redist and .NET 4.5.x, and that should cover the other three. Is this correct?

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Hi Xenithar,

unfortunately all 4 need to be updated if you need them all.
For now it is not known how to update all at once, so I'll be adding an automation feature which goes through each edition and updates using the same update list.

Post-setup execution is needed to be set only once, true.

Ei.cfg is auto-corrected by the tool on the selected edition, or simply remove it if you need all 4 to prompt, as you indicated.


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