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some feedback


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for what is worth...


comparing NTlite with RT7Lite, i must say i am disapointed

i just did win7 pro liting in latest ntlite version (free)


there is so little that user can do...


it would be nice to have preset for "tweaked and safe" what processes should run

there should also be option to get rid of

MCE, WMP, defragmenter, defender, superfetch, backup/restore and volume shadow copy

these are some basics...


another thing, which makes no sense to me, is why the program allows WIM, ESD or just folder reading

but not ISO to read and unpack... -> this was 1st thing that annoyed the s*** out of me


and my final complaint, the program does not apply additional post install changes

(bat script, or tweaked registry file)

it allows you to add on the list but doesn't apply them at all


also option to remove libraries from nav panel doesn't work, they are still there


also one question, when ntlite free, makes ISO at the end, is it bootable or not ? (as I only test in VM so can't know)

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Hi vinifera,


thanks for the feedback.

- I am not a fan of presets, there is no one preset for all, it would be called full windows. Tool has Components - Compatibility options, which is like a feature protection preset.

- ISO reading, yes, true, that one is on todo for a long time now, you may not believe it but I maybe got a complaint once before. Will push it up.
- if post-setup failed, it could mean the one item on the top did then it pulled all below. I am interested in your preset, feel free to send it to my email or attach here (but then remove cdkey or passwords from the XML)

- will check libraries
- ISO is bootable

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