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List of Universal Windows Platform components


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Can we have a list of all the Universal Windows Platform junk that's *REPLACED* Win32 components or programs in Windows 10?


- UWP Start Menu killed Classic Start menu

- Live Tiles killed Gadgets

- UWP tray applets killed classic applets

- Action Center killed balloon notifications

- Settings app killed Control Panel

- Edge killed IE

- Calculator killed Win32 Calc

- Cortana killed Windows Search inside Start menu

- Mail, Calendar, People killing Live Essentials

- Photos killed Windows Photo Viewer

- Groove Music, Film & TV and DVD Player app killing Windows Media Player

- Voice Recorder killing Sound Recorder

- Solitaire and other Metro games killed classic games


Compared to Windows 8:

- Start screen killed Classic Start menu

- Live Tiles killed Gadgets

- Settings killed some parts of Control Panel

- Classic games

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Windows Media Center was definitely killed, but I don't know if they've tried to replace it with anything UWP. Some Xbox app, maybe? :unsure:

Sure Microsoft removed WMC from Windows 10, but it's not like it's impossible to get it back either.

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I don't know the details under the covers, but the Taskbar no longer responds to re-theming...  I don't know whether you'd say that was replaced or not.  All it is now is...  Flat (with the possibility of blur, as though that somehow could be considered the resurrection of Aero Glass).  In any case, the Win 10 Taskbar seems to follow the formula of something that's plain and less usable replacing something better.


I haven't seen one "App" that improved on what it killed off.


I imagine you're thinking long-term (or maybe corporate), but it's not clear why Windows 10 would be "the only OS left to use" any time soon except if someone who's, shall we say, technically challenged is making the decisions.



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