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How do I delete all tabs in MS Word and start over?

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I have been working on documents and see may tabs which are not what I want.  I can get rid of one at a time, but would like to delete all tabs at once and start over?


Any help would be great.  Uncle Dewey.


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I thought that the tabs were "multiple documents", a "single" document has not "many tabs", I am not understanding what you mean then, can you take a screenshot and post it?



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Sorry for any confusion.  I've had this happen on many separate documents.  For some reason (I could have put them there in the past) there are many tabs which are shown and I only need one or two.  The only way I have been able to get rid of them so I could start over was to move each tab out of the document on each line of the total document.  I have tried highlighting the entire document and put in only the tabs desired, but when done all the tabs were still there. I hope this makes sense.


I really appreciate you patience with me.  Thanks a mil,  Uncle Dewey

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Ahh, now I understand (maybe).


You are talking of either Tab (tabulator) characters, the things that if you press the button with what appears as an ink botched reversed P: ¶ will appear as a right pointing arrow ->.

Easier would be to remove all duplicate tabs.

Go to search and replace, you want to search for ^t^t and replace that with ^t (this replaces any occurrence of two consecutive tabulator wìth one), run the replace several times until you find no more occurrences.


OR you are talking of Tab stops, the thingies that go in a bar at the top of the document, they can be cleared as in here:





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