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  1. Thanks a bunch as you have answered my question. Uncle Dewey
  2. Sorry for any confusion. I've had this happen on many separate documents. For some reason (I could have put them there in the past) there are many tabs which are shown and I only need one or two. The only way I have been able to get rid of them so I could start over was to move each tab out of the document on each line of the total document. I have tried highlighting the entire document and put in only the tabs desired, but when done all the tabs were still there. I hope this makes sense. I really appreciate you patience with me. Thanks a mil, Uncle Dewey
  3. I have closed Word and reopened the document. I have also copied the document to another open page and have gotten the same set of tabs. Thanks for your interest. Uncle Dewey
  4. I have been working on documents and see may tabs which are not what I want. I can get rid of one at a time, but would like to delete all tabs at once and start over? Any help would be great. Uncle Dewey.
  5. I have selected the 5.5"X8.5" document in MS Word. When I print to that size document it is printing off to the side so only the characters that are in the middle of the document print. I then put a letter size document in my printer and I get all of the characters that are in MS Word. It is as though MS Word thinks my printer's paper is inserted to the side as oppoed to the center. I have now reinstalled my printer driver, but it was to no avail. Once again, thanks for watching over me. Uncle Dewey
  6. It looks okay in preview. I'm not sure where to look to see what version I have, but am quite certain it was MS Office 2007 as I bought it in mid to late 7007. I did bring up a blank page and set it for 5"X8.5" and then entered data across the entire document and it printed just fine. Also, I recently changed printers and it uses PCL5 language while the previous printer was PCL6, but I thought it worked okay since then, but...... Thanks a bunch for your interest. Uncle Dewey
  7. When printing a 5"X8.5" document the printing is done as though I have a 8.5"X11" doucument in the printer. The printing is okay when printing from my e-mail and browser programs. I can't see any option or anything else that I could change in S Word. It does it on several documents of the same size so it must be something basic in MS Word. Any ideas???? Thanks a bunch, Uncle Dewey
  8. When at the end of a line of info, and I wish to go to the next line, I press Enter so I can enter data on the next line. However, when I do this I get a double space whereas if the data I'm entering goes to the next line as I'm at the end of the line it only single spaces. If that makes any sense to you I'm hoping you could explain what is happening. Thanks a bunch, Uncle Dewey
  9. With just a little change it worked great. Never would have gotten there without your help!!!! Thanks a bunch. Dewey
  10. With just a little change it worked great. Never would have gotten there without your help!!!! Thanks a bunch. Dewey
  11. I have a document that each line starts with about ten characters and then tab to alphabetic characters. I wish to sort using the characters after the tab, but can't seem to figure out how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dewey
  12. There are times when using MS Word 2007 that I highlight, copy and then try to paste but it does not copy (paste). I haven't a clue as to why. Ant ideas as to what I should look for? Thanks, Uncle Dewey
  13. I tried to use the find feature today and it just sits there and does nothing to find a known word. Any ideas as to what my problem may be? Thanks, Uncle Dewey
  14. Hi, I am satisfied with my normal settings. But my problem is when I want to change for a specific document. How do I change from the normal document to my special document. I have given it a name, but don't know how to make it my current format until the next time I open Word. While in the special format paste in my ascii text document, but the formating disappears. Thanks for your interest. Uncle Dewey
  15. I am trying to use a template, but am having trouble using the template. I want to open a text file and use a previously established template which has paper size, borders, fonts and formating. I have tried inserting a template or just open a template. When I open a template and copy paste to my template file I lose all my settings. I just don't know how to get the template and the text document together!! Any guidance would be great. Uncle Dewey
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