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Jody Thornton

Windows Mail Slightly Slower During Send/Receive

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OK first off I probably pulled a stupid. :blushing:


I have the Windows Mail client from Vista running on Windows 8.  One thing I really noticed is how fast the send/receive dialog flipped by when I engaged it.  Recently though, there was an authentication issue on Zoho's end (Zoho is my mail provider).  Thinking it was something on my end, I attempted recreating the accounts, compacting the database, and even running CCleaner.


Now the Zoho issue is resolved but I notice that the send/receive process is noticeably slower.  It appears that messages are about to come down, even when there are none.  The progress bar goes across regardless, whereas before, it was lightning fast, even when messages were downloaded.


I have deleted the WinMail program folder, reinstated it, reregistered the app to work with Windows 8 mail defaults, and recreated my accounts, but it's still a tad slower (not obtrusively but enough to know it's not like before)


Any takers?


One thing I can think of having done that may have added to the situation was be removing Internet Explorer 10.  I not only disabled it from Add/Remove Features, but I also removed the payload on disk with the DISM command.  So the IE program folders have some of the rendering stuff still installed, but the browser itself is gone.  (I have since attempted reinstalling Internet Explorer 10 with the updates, but no improvement there.)

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