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Applications to remove and replace with addons


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Hi everybody!


I got 8 WinXP PRO applications which nLite showed me in the components' removal. These are:











I found a couple of addons which could effectively replace calculator and paint: microsoft calculator plus and paint.net v. 3.5.11.

Then, a useful utility could be MyDefrag v.4.3.1 (addon in cab format). But many leave the default defragmenter where it is. Do you think that I could eliminate defragmenter without any adverse effect?

Leaving the unuseful Wordpad out, what would you advise on the remaining applications?


Charmap, clipbook viewer, screensavers and file sync are removed by many people. Would you save 1 or more of them? Why? Or why would you remove them?

Which would you remove? And which addons would you advise for replacing them?

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Hi Alps and welcome,



I remove nearly all of those without any ill effect. Most of them are standalone, with the exception of:



Defragmenter - In Windows 7, I think prefetch and disk cleanup depend on it. I am not sure if that's the same with XP, but I always keep it, it's not large, and I use it sometimes.


Paint - some filetypes (bmp etc.) depend on it (in a somewhat unusual way - not just the filetypes where you open a file by extension, but also "components" where it's embedded inside a program). I am not sure about the exact name of that "technology" (possibly OLE/COM). I have kept Paint and removed those CLSIDs later and found no problems, but for pristine operation I think it should not be removed. Of course I always install an image viewer that takes over the regular filetypes.


I'd remove:


Calculator - if i'm not mistaken, it's just one file and you could even replace it with your exe


Charmap - Not needed if you don't input non-Latin characters, but I need it, so I keep it. I am also not sure if the equivalent function in Office depends on it, or it's standalone.


Screensavers - can be removed, and you can still install your own screensaver if you want to.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClipBook_Vieweris not necessary, clipboard (cut/copy/paste) functions with it removed.


Wordpad - I always install Office and replace it, so I remove it.


File Sync - It might be needed for Offline Files, but I don't use them, so I remove it.

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Thanks a million for your clear explanations, GrofLuigi!


Actually, I've heard something on the importance of the defragmenter (and possible dependencies) but I really didn't know about this sort of indirect dependency between paint, image filetypes and WinXP components. So, I'll follow your advice and keep both of them (defragmenter and paint), along with Charmap, Screensavers (they're just a few MB) and File Sync.

Finally, let me remove a small doubt regarding Clipbook Viewer. If I'm not wrong, you said that clipboard functions (cut/copy/paste) are removed along with Clipbook Viewer. But I was thinking that I often take screenshots. Pressing "Print Screen" key makes Windows copy the entire screen to the (invisible) clipboard and then I paste it into Paint. Does the Clipbook Viewer's removal undermine this functionality?

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Sorry, I forgot to mention another component: NT Backup. It's written in red, so it should be a critical component because of its dependencies. I should keep it, shouldn't I?

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No, clipbook viewer's removal doesn't remove any functionality of cut/copy/paste. Print Screen will work.


And sorry, I can't remember now about NT Backup. It had some dependency, but I forgot what it was. And I don't have a computer with NLite available now to quickly check.


Edit: I see from presets that I always remove it.



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