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[Windows 10] aero glass disable on battery malfunction

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OK, so originally, I made a thread about glass breaking intel GPU drivers. It seems it only happens when the laptop is on battery, but the aero glass continues to function, even after unplugging the computer. Even after breaking the drivers, aero glass still continues to function on software rendering (remember Windows 7 requiring that it meets special requirements to run glass? ha!)


So that likely means that when the PC is booting up, it loads the drivers, then glass, then glass notices that it shouldn't run on battery so it tries killing itself. That causes a driver crash after it was hooked in to glass before, glass notices the crash and resets itself, by the time the computer boots up, the GPU driver has already crashed and glass failed to close properly leaving the glass effect turned on.


I'm probably speaking out my a** right now, but this is the best theory I could come up with. You should try diagnosing laptops on battery now though.

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