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  1. OK, so originally, I made a thread about glass breaking intel GPU drivers. It seems it only happens when the laptop is on battery, but the aero glass continues to function, even after unplugging the computer. Even after breaking the drivers, aero glass still continues to function on software rendering (remember Windows 7 requiring that it meets special requirements to run glass? ha!) So that likely means that when the PC is booting up, it loads the drivers, then glass, then glass notices that it shouldn't run on battery so it tries killing itself. That causes a driver crash after it was hooked in to glass before, glass notices the crash and resets itself, by the time the computer boots up, the GPU driver has already crashed and glass failed to close properly leaving the glass effect turned on. I'm probably speaking out my a** right now, but this is the best theory I could come up with. You should try diagnosing laptops on battery now though.
  2. OK, this can be closed because I found the cause and it belongs in a new thread. (aero glass disable on battery malfunction)
  3. So at first, it seemed that UXstyle combined with glass broke it. So I reinstalled and put glass first, then installed UXstyle. Strangely, I have no more issues. I wonder if it's classic shell because that's the only culprit left in this case. Edit: nope, classic shell is not installed, and today the drivers started acting up again. Could it be the theme I have set causing it? The error code for the driver is "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" for my intel card.
  4. Actually, your tool did cause the problem as I did a complete re-install because it was so messed up the recovery utility failed to fix anything (it actually made it worse and impossible to login). I have UXstyle and glass8 installed, and it's screwing up my drivers still. Is there anything I can do to diagnose what's causing it? PS: aero glass is not crashing, only the driver crashes at startup, so it just boots without it and uses software rendering to run.
  5. Actually, it seems something else broke it. I don't know what, but I think it was time for a fresh Windows install anyways. I love your glass8 so far, and even bought a copy to avoid the watermark. Thanks for the awesome tool. Edit: it actually was causing the problem.
  6. Well, actually, it seems that sfc scannow fixed it, so I'm not sure what happened with that. I'm going to reinstall glass again to see if I have anymore issues.
  7. I have tested aero glass with Windows 10 on my Intel HD 4400 and it messes up the drivers on boot so it needs to be disabled and enabled, or else drivers just don't work. Also, when installing the drivers with Aero glass enabled, it gets stuck on a black screen and needs force shutdown. This is really an unfortunate bug since otherwise it works pretty well.
  8. classic shell has an option built in to the settings, you can try that. If you don't want to use Classic Shell, I have no idea how else to do it.
  9. I'm not pushing to get it released right away, I just want to know what is preventing the use of native windows 10 glass in this tweak. I'm in no rush.
  10. If Windows 10 has built-in aero and Classic Shell already has it working flawlessly with the taskbar, what exactly hinders this project from being stable? Not upset or impatient, just curious.
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