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Mount Compact Flash in Explorer in Windows 95


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I have a Mazak machine (Milling VRX 500), the interface runs on Windows 95. I need to transfer a large amount of data from the machine to my 4 GB Sandisk Compact Flash. But the CF drive is not appearing in the explorer, therefore I cannot access it. Can someone suggest what can I do to solve this situation. Another option is using Floppy Disk, which is ridiculously small, about 1.44 MB.


I can transfer via the Mazak Software, but it only allows one by one file transfer (I've got a few hundreds of files). The process is really tedious, take weeks to accomplish this.


Also, no USB port exists.


Someone got any idea?



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I was unable to identify your system from the info provided, but I also googled: Mazatrol matrix nexus "compact flash"

The Matrix control is said to have "replaced the floppy-disk with the more reliable USB drive." Seven ways to transfer files are itemized. The main photo shows a SanDisk 4.0GB CompactFlash card. Those didn't exist in the Win95 era. The webpage is copyright 2009.

Windows 95 and FAT32 may not mix. Try a sub-2GB CF card (or repartition the 4GB card down to 2GB) and partition as FAT16.

Do you have serial and network ports?

You could remove the HDD and put it into another system to clone or copy files from it.

How big is the HDD and how many megabytes of files are we talking about copying?

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