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IE & My search


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OK, cheers cubie for trying to help me, we spent bout 1 hour trying to fix ie, editing registry codes etc cos moi-sikins got annoyed with IE 6 in XP cos I downloaded a stupid MY Search toolbar which is possibly the most evil toolbar in the history of crap toolbars. Anyway, it was spamming me etc, loads of popups so I got rid of it (or so I thought). Then IE 6 crashed virtually any time I started it up. Then I was on a website that needed Java and it said I didnt have Java integrated into me browser ( am I stupid or doesn't it come with IE or XP anyway?). So I thought, sod, it, u can remove it in add/remove windows components. Tried that, didn't work. So casually decided to go round deleting al shorcuts, start menu IE icons, IE folder (cept u cant ACTUALLY delete it, just stuff within it). Prior to this had d/l the SP1 IE pack. After deletions, tried to install it, said I already had a better version on my comp. Then cubie came in on the act & that's when we tried everything I can think of, until he eventually sent me internet explorer program thing to put in the IE folder so now got it all back on start menu etc. Unfortunately, My search is still somewhere on the **** comp, I did a search for it and deleted all my history, cookies, temporary internet files etc. yet if you type in a flase address e.g. www.hjkfksksk.com it comes up with an htm file which is in my Temp folder (deleted it ,a dn it just reappears). Does anyone please know how to get rid of it. I'm about to smash my comp. The only decent solution I can think of & my computer fixer man can think of is to upgrade to XP Pro-cos that way I will still have my personal files on my comp just not the same OS. Also, do I need to dl a java machine????

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You could try the program on this web page to remove it or programs like Ad-aware or Spybot .

As for the Java question, it is not installed by XP, but it is in with ServicePack 1 (Not 1a), so if you have updated it should be installed on your system.If not and you dont mind using MS java click here or for Sun java here

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Did a system restore and all my files got hidden somewhere I couldnt find em, even tho performed a search (cos it wont access the part of the drive it was put on)

Got it sorted, I upgraded to XP pro, found out that My search was running circles round the registry, and to top it all off I blew up my modem in a miniature storm, luckily it's all fixed now, it's all to technical for me

Over and out folks!

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I came across this bugger last week!!!

Could not uninstall via add/remove nor could I find an unistall program.

Tried adaware but it did not work!! got the rest of the crap tho'... :)

To remove it I did the following:

1. Find the folder called My Search or similiar in Program files, there maybe two folders? cannot remember.

2. Highlight it and press delete.

3.You should get a message saying access denied and a filename... something .DLL.

4. Write down the filename.

5. Go into REGEDIT and do a search on the filename

6. DELETE every instance in the registry.

When done repeat from step 2 until the entire directory is deleted.

Then when complete do a reboot....

This is not a slick removal of this but it was the only way I could get rid!

Hope it helps.....

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Have you tried this




more info On the URL hijacker


If you computer is infected by this URL hijacker, you might not be able to download it from the infected machine. Try a different PC if you have access to ore or you can try the direct link, see quote

Quote from the webpage

If you are unable to download any of the files here and are redirected to a porn page, search page or just denied access to the file, try these alternate links that should always work:

HijackThis direct download:

CWShredder direct download:

The redirection is probably because of a Coolwebsearch variant (CWS.Aff.Tooncomics or CWS.Dreplace) that intercepts your download to prevent downloading my programs.

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