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Windows Broadband device USB Verizon modem will not autoconnect


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Working with Windows 8.1 and using a USB Verizon 4G LTE Modem as a Windows Broadband device on a mobile asset, and when signal is very low for a period of time the modem will "disconnect" from the VZ network and will not auto connect once the signal gets stronger.


The end users are finding this to be inconvenient for them that the modem doesn't auto connect. I'd rather have them keep their eyes on the road then checking the connection.


I have researched this on the Verizon site and the internet for answers to remedy this, without success.


Is there a registry key or a setting that I might be over looking that will cause the connection to keep trying until it connects?


To write a script for the Windows Broadband to check the connection state, signal strength, and reestablish connection that will run under a non-admin account would be great, but to be honest I don't know where to begin to make script for that, found no examples during my search.


Does anyone have any ideas, suggestion?



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How do you go about fixing the issue manually?


I have a similar thing with my cell phone on Verizon's network. It is supposed to be on 4G LTE all the time, but sometimes if the signal drops it will disconnect from the 4G signal and connect to the 3G signal. This doesn't actually cause me a performance problem because I don't use big data on the phone. The way I can get it back to 4G is to put it in airplane mode, then turn off airplane mode. Then it reconnects to 4G.


I bring this up because it is possible that there is a shared hardware behaviour at work here and not necessarily just a software issue.


What is the model of the modem device you are using?

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The end users as mentioned expect it to just work (like most do), so they may go for minutes to hours before noticing the Verizon modem is not connected, at which point they either restart the mobile pc or open the Windows wireless list of connections, and click connect for the Verizon 4G LTE connection.


When the end users go into the Verizon connection in the Windows wireless connection list the option for "connect automatically" is selected including the option for "roam automatically".


We use the Pantech UML290 USB 4G/LTE modems for our Paramedic's mobile computers and when its in place the Paramedics' set the modem to 3G only, but the non-auto connect happens in either mode 3G or 4G.


I have done more research on scripts for batch file or power-shell, enough to make your head hurt.


So far the only script I have found that may hold promise is a batch file that does run in Windows 8.1.


ping -n 1 google.com
if %errorlevel% EQU 0 goto end
netsh wlan disconnect interface=”Wireless Network Connection”
netsh wlan connect ssid=”My Wireless Network” Name=”My Wireless Network” Interface=”Wireless Network Connection”


It works as written; now I just need to spin up a mobile computer with the modem, alter the script and test it. No holding my breath, willing to give a shot.  

However if the script does work, its far from being what I need for 24/7/365 operation.

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Currently using driver version 4.14.8 from Pantech, have not yet back rev'd and or seen if there is a newer version as of yet.


Yeah I looked in device manager for a power setting for the device, I don't see a tab and or option in the device option list.

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Found a good path to go down for this. Requires more work, however looks like what might be required to accomplish the task. Helpful nugget that I came across finally; c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\WwanSvc


<Name>Verizon Wireless</Name>
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