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Windows 98 SE install issues.


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Greetings msfn. I'm pretty sure this is where i'm supposed to post about this sort of issue, but if not i apologize and please let me know.


Alright so. I'm going to make this as short as possible, and if further information is required i will elaborate so.


I'm trying to install windows 98 second edition from the win9x project off pirate bay. Fantastic package. And....first i started off with trying to install it on a virtual machine with oracle virtual box. That worked flawlessly. But i didn't feel that was....eh...nostalgic enough. So i found an old asus motherboard i got back in....2006 or whatever, with a core 2 quad Q6600, etc, set it all up, and realized it was just a bit too new for the operating system. So then i found another old asus board with an AMD Athlon dual core in it. I figure this ones a bit closer to that era and wouldn't have as many issues trying to get it to install. I'm running 512 mb of ram due to the fact windows 99, without special mods, doesn't support more than 768mb of ram. I already ruled that out. The problem is with the IDE interface as far as i can tell. With the previous intel board, i was able to detect the hard drive, format it, etc. But as soon as i got into the actual OS install screen, it was LITERALLY loading pixel by pixel for each step. It was ridiculously slow and took me about a day and a half to get as far as i did. I had enough of that. Now, with this AMD board, when i boot off the CD, and attempt to start the setup with CD rom support, it won't detect the hard drive during the driver detection. However, when i go into fdisk, it shows up just fine as a active primary win98se partition. I'm not sure what to make of this information, and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Unfortunately due to this stupid 500kb image limit, i can't provide images. I can try to best describe my situation if need be.

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Yes, you're on the right forum. But you should have read the Rules... Banned on #1a: no warez.

BTW, Win 98SE supports 1152 MiB of RAM and will use it with no patching at all, just a small edit to system.ini (and system.cb, in case one wants to run also in Safe Mode).

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