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Xdot batch question


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1 In the part where you build 7 cabs for the windows media patches 952069, 954155, 973540, etc. you cabarc the files in the patch folders for WMP9, i.e. move /y wm9\*.* .\


Can I use WMP11 instead of WMP9 with this build?


If so, should I use the files for WM11\*.* instead of WM9\*.*? Within each patch, the filenames in the two folders are the same, but the files differ in size.


Can I just feed wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe (25meg) into the nLite/RMVi patch/addon section, or does it need a good bit of tweaking by a special inf?

2. Can I just delete the stuff (the magic!! really) that you do in order to build an Windows Update Agent for XP? I don't use it. The use of split at 35328 bytes is too much! What a hoot!


minor notes


1. when I first ran the batch, all of the mirrors timed out for the initial cabarc.exe download.


In your zip package, the filesize for wget.exe is larger 401k -- when I tested with wget with the two dlls (1,220k total), the ftp into MS for win98 reskit worked ...


Fut, a higher version of cabarc.exe is downloaded later (at ~~line 1030) when you build WUAgend, and extracted from a MS support.cab and that seems to work. So maybe that's better than the mirrors up at the top of the batch. When the batch timed out on the first download, I just plugged in a local copy, v5.1.2600, and the batch built all the cabs and dl'd all the files flawlessly. The cabarc exe that is downloaded from MS support, for building WUAgent, is v5.2.3790. The cabarc I got from the MS Win98 reskit doesn't even have a version number, and it doesn't say microsoft in the header. hmmm ... maybe I been hacked.


2. the link to the adobe installer for flash activex v16 is 404. A similar link to 18 exe works -- note addition of fp in from of the url


around line 220

wget http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_16_active_x.exe(404)
:: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_18_active_x.exe (200)


3. IE8-Windows-x86.exe is in the download list (line 1840~) but it not included in the final check list at the end.


4. In the updates.txt file in the zip package, the file WindowsXP-KB974112-x86-ENU.exe is included twice.


Totally minor stuff. The batch works beautifully. That was some VERY beautiful work you did! Very thoughtfully maintained, and appreciated.


Any chance you know if I can feed this set of files into RyanVMI rather than nLite? I always end up "seduced" by nLite's powers -- meaning I always try to do more "tricks" than I really know how to work with. Meanwhie RVMI just keeps on chugging along and I "feel" (subtle ... arghh) like it gives me a stronger platform. Weird, admitted.


Also, has anyone shared a batch script to convert a .NET hot patch into one that can be integrated?


Thanks, and cheers!

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No, WMP11 can't be directly integrated. You need to use a separate program to do that. This hasn't been updated for a while, so the latest WMP11 "fixes" may not be listed.



CABARC (as noted in the script) may/may-not download. That's MS' fault that sometimes the sites are "down" for some reason. The one downloaded for WUA was part of a script developed to create it (another Topic) and was "plugged into" UDC directly. Feel free to modify the script to use that one at the front-end of the UDC script instead of later on. ;)


IE8 "checklist" - must have been something "missed". -X- quit bothering with IE6 since MS Update was a "nag" about IE being a "Critical Security Update". Note that ONLY XP Basic Updates are downloaded, *not* any "Extras/Optionals" (hence the reason WMP11 is *not* included).


UPDATES.TXT is a "check" and is irrelevant that a line appears twice (look inside the Script for the reference/usage). Feel free to remove one. ;)


The UDC script hasn't been updated for some time, so the Flash may no longer exist. Feel free to change it. ;)


WUA is required to go to Windows Updates. If you install the "original download" (see WUA script section) and install it, you'll find that WindowsUpdate *will* update you to the latest.

WUA references here -





Basically, if you *don't* use WU, then *if* you install dotNET, Silverlight, etc. ("optionals" not in UDC). then you won't know what other Updates (for them) you may need. Feel free to not use it *but* remember to "turn off" WU. In addition *if* you were to install, say Office and want to use WU, then it won't because Microsoft Update *requires* WUA and will install an additional ActiveX (see above links).


As for dotNET (etc), you'll have to look elsewhere (RyanVM, WinCert, etc) since these *are* Add-On's ("Optional") and need to be "cosntructed". Also note *all Add-on's" are (in essence) CAB's or 7Z's.


HTH (Did I miss anything? That's a lot of winks!)

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