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Font rendering is a mess in Windows 10


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The reason of my post is that I use one display with RGB matrix and the other with BGR


One monitor and one the TV? Say thanks to Microsoft who drowned the effort to make a unified industrial standard on pixel positioning.

I wasn't aware this was Microsoft's fault. Would you elaborate please?

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On 31/07/2015 at 11:04 PM, oomek said:

I have no words to describe the mess Microsoft created in the font rendering in Windows 10.

Just look at this explorer window. Some elements like title bar and address bar have a grayscale antialiasing, the rest has cleartype enabled.




Ok, let's open ClearType Tuner and select a third option on a third page which is a grayscale cleartype.




And guess what, it's still the same! This tool has no effect at all on the cleartype's color settings.

Disabling cleartype is no option, as the text becomes a total mess.


So the question is:

How can I force Windows to use that grayscale cleartype smoothing method on all of the GUI elements?

If this is some kind of a new font used on the titlebars, can I use it on the other elements by editing aero.msstyle or shellstyle.dll?


p.s. The reason of my post is that I use one display with RGB matrix and the other with BGR, So I have to constantly switch the cleartype's sub pixel matrix to get rid of blurred fonts.



And here we are, late 2017, and there is STILL no change to this. Windows 10 STILL has confused and retrograde font rendering compared to Windows 7.

Just look at the rendering in a Word document workspace compared with some of the menu items. Grayscale (nasty) compared with RGB (much nicer) on standard RGB monitors.

Apparently this is to mitigate changes in matrix orientation when a tablet is rotated, but it makes little sense how one strategy is used for some areas and the other for others...

This is one of the single biggest barriers to me upgrading to W10. That and the lack of Aero.


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