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Okay, I test on 2 different PC.  Both are showing exact same issue, Bitlock, Home Group and Firewall are not available for remove.


PC1: HP Laptop, Win10 Pro x64, English, both Live and Off-line don't show the above 3 components for removal


PC2: Gigabyte HTPC, Win10 Pro x64, Traditional Chinese, same as above


Both PC are fresh install of Win10 Pro, some tweaks done by Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager to optimize network speed and remove startup items


Feel free to let me know how I can help to find the root cause, thanks

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Tseng, thanks for the info.


Now I should have asked this at the beginning but I didn't as you said that Win8.1 doesn't have that problem:

did you try the Components page [Toolbar] Find functionality?

The thing is, not all components are in the root of their branches, sometimes they are under the needed component.

For example "BitLock" is under:

System - Trusted Platform Module - Bitlocker Drive Enryption


Does that help, or still no luck?

If you can't find it, then I'll try to get a trial of Chinese Win10.

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Hi nuhi,

I am an id***.  Was not aware of the grouping change of the components.

You are right, I am able to locate the Firewall, Bitlock and HomeGroup now.

Removed them as I planned, all is working now.


Thanks again and to everyone helps, please forgive my ignorance.

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Hi Tseng, that's good news, don't be too harsh to yourself.

It is debatable what is better, group dependencies like this, or put them all flat and warn about broken dependencies on Apply (like nLite did).

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