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Symantec Ghost and Windows 98 recovery.


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Hello there :)


So I finally got Win98 installed which took me a long while to figure out on L440GX+ board. And I'm dualbooting it with Windows XP. 


What I need is to backup both OSes saving the boot.ini, saving all the stuff needed to dualboot those two together. No games, music etc included just OSes on those two separate 10gb partitions I have for them.


So my question is to those with Symantec Ghost experience (or some other drive image creating software). Should I create images of two separate partitions or backup the whole drive? (which is 73gb btw.)

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Create one full disk backup image using the -z9 -ir coomand line options.

After that, create partition backups, preferably monthly, or as needed.

-ir produces a blind, byte-by-byte dd-like image, and can only be used for full-disk images.

-z9 causes the image to take longer to acquire, but results in the best compression.

You may perhaps also want to use also -split=1024 to have the image split in smaller parts. Of course 1024 is just an example, you may select the size you find more appropriate for your case.

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