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Hi MR jaclaz

I study Microsoft technical support before [of course some of command have a not exactly correct(I solved)]. so I make winpe in HDD before with 2 way (dism and bcdboot or imagex and bcdedit).but when winpe load from HDD I see  x: \windows\system32 instead of c: . 

I  create custom mini windows step by step (WADK and apply special command for configure win  during load)

then I want install this windows similar other windows in c: of HDD (not use ram disk or VHD)

how can I do it?


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You have to understand that a PE is NOT a "full OS" (and as a matter of fact it is not licensed to run as one and additionally it will by default reboot after 72 hours).

Among the differences between a "full OS" and a PE is the automatic assignment of X: as a drive letter to the volume that hosts the PE.

It can be changed, see:



see also:


though there will be more paths to be changed in the Registry.



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