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  1. Hi MR jaclaz I study Microsoft technical support before [of course some of command have a not exactly correct(I solved)]. so I make winpe in HDD before with 2 way (dism and bcdboot or imagex and bcdedit).but when winpe load from HDD I see x: \windows\system32 instead of c: . I create custom mini windows step by step (WADK and apply special command for configure win during load) then I want install this windows similar other windows in c: of HDD (not use ram disk or VHD) how can I do it? thanks
  2. Hello every body Is it possible make winpe on HDD without Ram disk or VHD(exactly boot from c: of HDD)? Thanks
  3. I create winpe with WADK (add package and modify registry(load hive) and a use a "batch file" in startup for apply ipconfig computer name hostname modify registry add user and.... final run My C# app) I want continue my way for create winpe so I make ewin7pese and win8.1pese with winbuilde (it is easy) I see all of winpe current user is "system" my question : how I can create a custom user in winpe then replace with "System" user.?
  4. sorry my English is not correct. I researched "winPE3" (first make it)and "win live boot" configurations so Current user name are "system". 1-I need start winpe with login of administrator user automatically. How ? 2-how can I make mini winpe only with "desktop"(with some shortcut of portable program) and "start menu" with 2 program :"Internet explorer" and "windows explorer" ? 3-how to make a setup for install custom winpe in a pc ? thanks
  5. hi I create custom winpe with windows ADK. and define user , ip ,hostname,workgroup , and ... with code in startnet.cmd (modify registry (offline and during startup)and use some executable command line) and i can be running web base application in server from winpe and .... winpe default user is "system" how can i login with "administrator" instead of "system". in starup winpe "default user administrator"? (if when i use >echo %username% in command prompt then show administrator instead of system). or how can i create administrator user profile folder in winpe and use it?
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