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Option for no dialogues during download

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Last night I selected the updates I wanted and left it running and went to bed.  I expected that when I woke up in the morning it would be all finished, but I found that WUD was waiting for me to respond!


Apparently, there was an update in the list that couldn't be found on the server.

WUD had opened a messagebox wanting me to confirm that I understand the update could not be found.


That means that it waited all night for confirmation instead of just downloading everything!  So I have to finish running the rest of the update downloads in the morning whilst I'm working.  Ugh...


I propose two possible solutions to this:

  1. Add a checkbox for "no dialogues" - that is, just download everything and skip over the errors
  2. Just download everything and save a log file with the results

Thanks for listening!

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I also think that if a download was not found on the server, the icon colour should change for that item so you know that it doesn't exist and you don't check it again.

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