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  1. When I install an MSU file sometimes it will run normally and install, but other times it will go into a "Searching for updates on this computer" mode and will stay like that for 10 minutes or more until it seems to find what it's looking for. These are MSU files I've downloaded using WUD. Am I missing something?
  2. I also think that if a download was not found on the server, the icon colour should change for that item so you know that it doesn't exist and you don't check it again.
  3. Last night I selected the updates I wanted and left it running and went to bed. I expected that when I woke up in the morning it would be all finished, but I found that WUD was waiting for me to respond! Apparently, there was an update in the list that couldn't be found on the server. WUD had opened a messagebox wanting me to confirm that I understand the update could not be found. That means that it waited all night for confirmation instead of just downloading everything! So I have to finish running the rest of the update downloads in the morning whilst I'm working. Ugh... I propose two possible solutions to this: Add a checkbox for "no dialogues" - that is, just download everything and skip over the errors Just download everything and save a log file with the resultsThanks for listening!
  4. In version 2.50, it looks like there are green icons and yellow icons. Now, there are three colours for the icons: gray - I think this means the file is not yet on diskgreen - I think this means that it is already downloadedyellow - I think this colour only shows on a category and it means that the category contains a mix of downloaded and not-downloaded items Also, sometimes the names of the updates are underlined and in blue; and sometimes they are in black without underlines but when you move the mouse over them, then they turn blue and underlined. (this seems like a bug) What does this signify? I wish there was a button for "check all new" to automatically checkmark all non-downloaded items. Right now I have to click through every category and then check all the ones that are not green (I think).
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