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When Registering for this Forum Why Isn't Scotland Listed as a Country


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I just registered to join MSFN forum. While I was registering I had the option of choosing the country I stay in. I looked in the list and unfortuately could only find the United Kingdom (UK) as the 'country' that I could be said to be in. So I had to register with that one. Problem now is that I have a Union Jack showing as my 'country' flag - and God I so dislike being associated with that flag.

So, could I ask that MSFN split the UK up into its constituent parts, of which there are four:

Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England

And, of course, add in the respective flags.

Just a thought, I would feel much happier being able to register as being in Scotland (rather than the UK).

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Is it possible to add missing "none specified" option back to select list?

I am from Taiwan, so choosing the option "Taiwan, Province of China" becomes a problem for me. If I choose the option, it is inevitable that I have to spend time dealing with political arguments or online harassment.

The note about ISO 3166 in English Wikipedia explains why it matters.


Google avoids this political issue by changing the option "Country" to "Country/Region".  So I think the "none specified" option is still necessary.

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