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Greetings to all of you!


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Hello, my name is rascalgarfield, 26 years old from Hungary! I'm interested in Windows, Microsoft and computers in general. Judging by my avatar and name, I love Garfield, it's one of the most famous comic strips. My favorite operating systems are Windows 3.1/NT 3.51 ,Microsoft Chicago, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 5.0, Microsoft Memphis, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows 2000, Microsoft Millennium (Windows ME Beta), Windows ME (it's a bad OS, but still), Microsoft Whistler (best pre-release Windows ever!), Windows XP, Microsoft Longhorn (I don't like the blue Plex theme, but Slate is very beautiful), Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista, Windows Codename Seven/Vienna (Windows 7 Beta), Windows 7, Windows Codename Eight (Windows 8 Beta), Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows 10 (Windows Codename Threshold). I really like classic Windows, but I also like modern Windows. I like to draw, using computers, watching TV, cartoons, movies, books, comics, music (rock, metal, punk, techno, house, electro, etc.) I also have a gocomics account with the same name, a Google+ account, G-mail, YouTube, Deviantart, etc. On Google, YouTube and Deviantart my name is Random & Értelmetlen, and probably my first YouTube video will be also an introducting video. I'm also on BetaArchive and ShiftOS with the name classiconthebox. I'm also on Toonzone with the name BooMTOON. I have a stickfigure mascot called Randall the Random stickfigure, but just call him Random.

Here is a picture of Random: random_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png

Random may look childish, but why not? Stickmans are cool!

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