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How to get all the windows updates?

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I recently tried to get all of the windows updates for Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

While it downloaded aboui 72 and I installed each one, but when I go to windows update after that and after rebooting, it shows another 117 to download and install and then after that another 81 or so.


How or where can one get all of the current updates to download. In other words UL lists that have more than the amount shown. 


The reason is to include as manay as possible onto the DVD and slipstream as many as possible to avoid the download times. I am doing this as I often restore other peoples badly virused etc computers and want to save a lot of time. 

I have the Nlite application to build the DVD with (havent even tried that yet) but clear instructions seem to be online.


Also wondering where windows stores the already installed updates, when it downloads them. Perhaps can use those to slipstream? The standalone ones if I open them with Winrar or 7zip seems to show all the individual items in several folders. I am wondering if those are replication of how the windows WUSA program is used to install the updates manually.


But the main 1st question is how to get all the updates right up to the current.


I had tried WSUSoffline but it keeps hanging on some glb folder for the .net45 update and never gets past it saying I have a file error. It used to work in the past, but now appears to be broken. I reinstalled and ran it but it just keeps running into that error at some point. 


Is there a utility that allows you to install all of the standalone updates without any user intervention even if the updates do not apply to skip past those ones?


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You can try this , which downloads off the links presented on the Windows Update site.  Basically, as long as whatever you have installed is current, you'll get all the files you need.  Windows 7, AFAIK, presents CAB files, which should be fine for whatever slipstreaming needs you have.  The default is whatever things you don't have installed, but clicking "installed" will present what Windows Update/Microsoft considers as "fully patched".


As for installing the stand-alone patches (CAB, MSU, or EXE), you can try this , though it will just install any of the updates that are presented.

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