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Description Field in Exchange Shared Calendar


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I received a request today to add some instructions to the description field of an Exchange 2010 room calendar.


What I mean is, when you right click on the calendar, click properties, you get the Calendar Properties dialog box and there is a description field available. Now, I have full control over this mailbox/calendar and I can enter the instructions into it but it never leaves my outlook client. It never goes to the server and it never shows up on anyone else's outlook client.


I've attached a screen shot of the dialog box in question.


Anyone have any idea how you can change this, permanently?


Thank you in advance!



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Thank you Patrons except there is no place to configure this on the Exchange server, other than installing Outlook on the server and doing it there, but that will work similarly to how it is on a remote computer.


I opted to just create a custom reply using the resource booking agent so when someone books that resource, the resource booking agent sends back a custom reply with the required information.


Thank you.


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