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WinSxS folder removal


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Hi Nuhi first welcome back after so many years. Windows will become interesting again now! :yes:


I want to know how to reduce the windows folder size on hdd which becomes heavily bloated after some time of use?


Main problem is WinSXS folder i think but there was no good way to handle this. Is this a removable component now or how is this going to be handled in NTlite?

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sdt, thx for the warm welcome, it's nice to be back.


NTLite licensed version has update cleanup, which basically trims WinSxS to not contain dupes.

WinSxS is just a mirror of your system plus some extra stuff, point is there is no size increase because of it, unless it contains dupes - update backups or not-installed features (cpanel).

Also with component removals its size is going down.


As aviv00 pointed out, you can try DISM cleanup option after Tuesday updating. NTLite cleanup works on more targets and is more forgiving on removed components.

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