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Expanding xx.dl_ file to xx.dll using Command Prompt (Win7x64)

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I recently found that by expanding a xx.dl_ file in my gfx driver file to be put into an older game will improve playability but am having issues on where exactly to put the decompressed file. I was given this info:


''To extract it i'll post exactly how I did it. I ended up extracting it from the root of my C drive to the root of another drive, it wouldn't let me expand it in the same folder or from another folder to the root of C for some reason or another.

Open command prompt and type in
EXAMPLE FILE LOCATIONS: Expand C:\\atioglxx.dl_ F:
(this is how it was done for me) F: being the location to place the expanded file.
it will decompress the dl_ file and move it over to the other location ''


For the life of me am unable to create a location using the command prompt to move the file to. I have two other drives F:\dr & S:\dr but using those I receive and error message using the command prompt "No destination specified for C:\\atioglxx.dl_"


Can someone help in creating a destination so I can use this file? Thanks.

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Most probably you were tricked (it depends from WHERE EXACTLY you got that piece of information)  by a rather common bug in some "web publishing" software.


A Path is made by:

  • a drive letter
  • (optionally) a directory 
  • (optionally) one or more sub-directories

these elements are separated by a single backslash "\".


There are some software that incorrectly double these backslashes in some cases.


I.e. try:

Expand C:\atioglxx.dl_ F:


Expand C:\atioglxx.dl_ F:\dr


Expand C:\atioglxx.dl_ F:\dr\







Or, if you are not willing to learn some command line basics for just this task, get a GUI program capable of managing those compressed files, namely 7-zip:


instal it and open the .dl_ file with it, then extract it to the destination.



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