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HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash (Which Is Superior For Video Playback)

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So probably a long time debatable subject, but in the end which would most agree is the better runner for video playback. Advantages/disadvantages to either side? I know HTML doesn't have to be used with plugins, and it's better cross platform. But are there any significant advantages to the end user on a desktop setup performance and stability wise? I will point out YouTube playback for me has been running better using the optional HTNL5 video player (forced in Chrome).

Just curious to see some view points on the matter ;)

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err youre wrong in the start


html5 playback does require plugin, but those come within browsers

as browser has to have ability for playing certain files (ogg/vp-x264)

in other words any browser that wasn't made fully to support html 5 won't be able to even play those videos


to me flash is better, but older version as it seems everything above version 10 was simply bloatware


cross-system, yup html5 is better

but compatibility with older machines/browsers - flash is better

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I say the fewer plugins, the better. It's hit or miss to actually be provided an option though, especially DRM protected content. Different services have different ways of providing the HTML video too, take Google depending on MSE to be in the browser for certain features.

So Flash is very tightly wrapped around online streaming, none the less. But in the best case scenario, I do favor HTML5. YT's player has been quite unstable for me for the longest time.

Anybody miss 2009 ?

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I say the fewer plugins, the better.


and what is difference between internal and external plugin ?

they're both plugins ...


you can't watch "html5" video without browser internally supporting h264

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that goes to web dev's
any video dependant on *flv or any variant within swf will need flash

but they are not necessary anymore, as flash videos are low quality anyway
just compare youtube flash "HD" and html5 HD (h264)

the HTML5 is so much crispier and sharper

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