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Anyone have an Update list for WS2012e?

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I've been trying out WUD and WinToolkit to build new a Windows 7 install disk, and after a few hiccups, I can get Windows7+SP1+Updates+Add-Ons+Silent Installers to install in a VM successfully.  Thank you very much to everyone who works on these tools and lists.


I'm also about to do full installation of WS2012e on my ex-WHS box after my Essentials evaluation version expired, and would be interested to know if anyone has an update list for Windows Server 2012 Essentials, or where I might be able to find or make one?  Most of the integration guides I can find seem to be for Client versions of Windows rather than Server builds, which I suppose makes sense since I'd not expect that servers need rebuilding as often as client PCs.


However, I'd prefer to be able to install the new server fully up to date if that's possible, without having to wait for the usual slow downloads and installs of Windows/Microsoft update afterwards.  If WS2012e doesn't do slipstreaming/integration of updates, the next best choice would be to download all updates before doing the new installation, and then install them offline.  I read something suggesting that Windows7 updates would work on Server2008 - would the same be true for Windows8 updates?


Can anyone help with this?



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