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xdot.tk UDC updates?


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I'm assuming -X- is working on it now.

Please note that this link:


currently redirects to:


which indicates (to me) that a "new" page of latest will be forthcoming.


edit -

Don't bother with original link. -X- has changed the website and the link in his signature.

Oh, and -X- has the latest ("last"?) one completed. "Mission Accomplished" ;)

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Sorry it took so long. I had a million things I wanted to be perfect. The HTML code on the site, check over every detail of the script, figure out a way to add the MSRT without including the huge binary (This alone took me 3 days trying to get GuiRunOnce to batch echo a link to the MSRT on the desktop until another way entered my head.), ran a gazillion XP setups in a virtual machine to the make sure everything was spot on, etc.

I'm no where near %100 satisfied. I'll go back and re-tweak the script, site, etc. As I right this, the line that contains the download link, changelog and last patch tuesday is way to big. LOL


updates.html is no more. It's now just xdot.tk. The file is still there so I don't get any 404's but the server redirects that URL to the root.

I had a lot of plans of adding more pages that's why I didn't just use the domain to begin with. I'll get to them eventually and when nuhi finishes his latest creation, I plan on making a UDC for those OS's...if it works likes nLite. Who knows, he might include a downloader in it already.

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