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HP Laserjet Printers support in Windows 2000 (HP UPD 4.7.2)

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You have a new printer and it is not compatible with Windows 2000?
You have three options:

1) Use HP Universal Printing Driver 4.7 (PCL5, PCL6 or PS) that supports Windows 2000.
This driver supports some models internally "listed" inside this driver, however
it is possible add newer driver as "generic" HP PCL or PS printer.

  • HPUPD47PCL532.exe
  • HPUPD47PCL632.exe
  • HPUPD47PS32.exe

Some newer 5.x versions of HP Universal Printing Driver also supports Windows 2000 (unofficial),
but I consider them unstable:

(also exists PCL6, PS versions)

2) Use similar driver of earlier model, which supports Windows 2000:
It is better to look at some printer specs, before finding similar driver:

  • number of trays
  • color or black_and_white
  • memory extension option
  • harddisk extension option
  • duplexing unit option
  • network/usb/parallel/wifi option

For example, I provide some replacement configurations, in form:
newer model without W2K support -> older "replacement" model with W2K support

  • HP Designjet T790 ePrinter series -> HP Designjet T770 printer series
  • HP Designjet T1300 eprinter series -> HP Designjet T1200 printer
  • HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer -> HP LaserJet 1320 series
  • HP LaserJet 500 MFP M525 series -> HP LaserJet M2727 series

3) Exists a newer version of 4.7 drivers line:

  • New features of the HP UPD 4.7.2 (Full Version # (February 2009)
  • (Off-cycle limited release. Refer to driver release table.)
  • Tower Tray support added
  • Form-to-tray assignments are retained in upgrades
  • Removed "User Guide" printing shortcut
  • Performance improvements for PCL6 through Delta Row Compression and JPEG "pass through”
  • Printer Driver Version

I was unable to find it. Hope someone helps.

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Here it is: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/UPD/hp-upd-





New Features

The following features have been implemented

Tower Tray support: Tower trays are viewable through the user interface and available for printing
Form to tray: user interface selection of paper size retains after hitting "Update Now"
Remove User Guide Printing Shortcuts: New installations will not receive User Guide printing shortcuts.
Privacy Changes: User will be asked each time before driver software sends data to HP, not just one time.

Issues Resolved

Key issues resolved in this release.

CR#2444: UPD 4.5 causing non-English AIO device to reboot
CR#2514: Haansoft application should default to EMF mode
CR#2629: Driver Pre-Config issue: duplex can be configured by end-user
CR#2664: Spooler crashes with UPD 4.5 PCL 5 / Problems Printing with Crystal Reports
CR#2716: When installing UPD, Print Processor reverts from WinPrint to HP Print Processor
CR#2755: Slow printing and very large spool file sizes (400 MB +) when printing from Excel
CR#CR 2083/2295: Installation delay up to 10 minutes where the user did not have Admin rights during installation of UPD driver. For non Admin users (ie Print Operators group) the CIOUM MSI will not be launched during installation. CIOUM purpose: executed at installation or using the “Update Now” feature in the UPD driver, the UPD communicates over the network bidirectional (bidi) to retrieve status and capabilities directly from the targeted device.
CR#3082: Duplex enabled with mixed media prints only first media type selected
CR#3169 WPU - Paper source is not flowing from Printing shortcuts tab to Paper/Quality tab.
CR#2753 UPD Discovery/Comm problems to 500x jetdirect printers on port 2 or 3
CR#3093 Large Spool Files / Slow Printing UPD 4.5 / 4.7 PCL5 Win2k client / Server 2003. Resolution see feature Raster Compression in PCL6 only.
CR#3132 Custom Paper Size not working for Hagaki Japanese Postcard dimensions (100x148)
CR#753: Impacting Citrix installation, the msiexec.exe installer was launched for every printer that is auto created resulting in a processor spike in MSIEXEC. This issue has been resolved. The workaround for UPD version 4.7.0 and prior was rename CIOUM32.MSI to CIOUM32_MSI.BAK and create new file of the same name (using Notepad.exe, NEW FILE, SAVE AS to filename in quotation "CIOUM32.MSI".
CR#867 Citrix StressPrinters: Depending upon test setup with the HP UPD, Citrix StressPrinters tool set to default LPT port will take approximately 50 seconds per queue for autocreation. This is not considered a valid performance test case for UPD in the Citrix environment because Citrix environments will not have direct-connect printers on the Citrix server. Proper setup of the test tool provides accurate presentation of the UPD in traditional production environments. Guidelines below.
StressPrinters Performance Testing Guidelines for HP UPD:
1) Upgrade to 4.7.0 or higher. Previous versions had a defect that creating CPU spikes in the MSIEXEC.EXE which would decrease performance timings.
2) StressPrinters settings: change the default LPT1 port to a Citrix autocreated "Client" port. Citrix created ports will be redirected to the networked printer or to the client.
3) StressPrinters run on a Citrix server will show Citrix autocreated client ports from inside StressPrinters. If StressPrinters run on an XP client machine there will not be any Citrix autocreated ports.
CR#2384 Default paper size for French Canadian should be Letter, not A4
CR#2501 UPD 4.5 does not support job storage on LJ3700
CR#2717 Excel files will not scale as expected
CR#2422 Custom paper size Save behavior inconsistent
CR#2682 Printing causes an application crash when Novell username includes a dot (.) character.
CR#2833 CPE: CreateProcess inherits handles from HPMUPxxx.BIN after spooler restart preventing application closure
CR#2769: Vista 32bit, protected mode off, Dynamic mode, cancel print fails. This issue was
related to MPA or ADS policy enabled and the Enterprise Auto Configuration (bidirection communication) had been turned off via DMC.


Show default paper size in Form to Tray for installed Tray
Printing Shortcut tab external trays now seen
Integrated newer version of cioum.dll
Localized accessory output bin names

Known Issues

2930: When performing a Job Storage option of Person Job with Pin, UPD does not allow the number of copies to be sent down with the job (investigating with Microsoft)


Other versions ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/UPD/

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It's good AND you are responsible.  :thumbup



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