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A long time ago (2008) I've created two tools for Windows XP for integrate Windows Updates into XPCD



And now, I present you my new creation


Since there was no SP2 for Windows Seven yet i started my own Project named WindowsPatchLoader.
I know there are a couple of tools that do the same job. BUT i wanted my own tool.
I wanted just "re-invent the wheel". ;)

All Updates you download are from Microsoft.

[Windows Update Method]
windowsupdate method is like Windows Update and it's always up-to-date,
depends which Microsoft Software/Update you are currently installed.
I'm getting the Updates/Urls from Windows Update.
Hotfixes are not stored anywhere.

[Other Update Method (from Wsusscn2.cab]

There is also an alternate method to getting Updates for other systems while i am not able
to scan other systems than installed one.
Wherein i used text-files on my server to save all urls from wsusscn2.cab.
All urls are also from Microsoft. These files are updated weekly.
This Method was my first idea before beginning to write this tool.
As well as Windows Update too hotfixes are not stored anywhere.

But i do not recommend this Method while wsusscn2.cab does not contains all Updates.
There are only "critical" and "security relevant" updates.

Downloaded Updates
Broken Updates
Filter .cab and .exe files


Download Links: to export all download links
Superseded: to export superseded updates

[updates Cleanup]
creates new folder with newest updates

[Categorized Patches]
downloadeded patches will be copied in categorized folders with newest updates
you must to put all updates in same folder.

to exclude selected updates

[KB Support]
to get more Information about selected update on Microsoft Knowledge Base

[import/Export Update List]
you are able to safe update lists
support for Windows Hotfix Downloader Update List

Nvidia Driver: prepare nvidia files for integration
MSU->CAB: extract msu files for integration
EXE -> CAB: extract i.e. Internet Explorer for integration

CAB -> MSP: extract cab files to msp (office updates)

you are able to integrate updates to windows dvd.

This Tool requires DotNetFramework

changelog: v1.0.14
add cab to msp (outlook updates)
minor fixes

changelog: v1.0.12
new: import/export update lists
minor gui changes

changelog: v1.0.11
new: nvidia drivers prepare for integration
new: msu to cab
new: exe to cab
fix: add folder to drivers instead of files

changelog: v1.0.10
integrate menu revised

changelog: v1.0.9
Microsoft Update Catalog revised
Replaced/Superseded Updates added to each Windows version (except WinXP)
Windows XP languages added
Internet Explorer versions categorized
Filesize in KB/MB/GB
filter by KB article as well as update name

changelog: v1.0.8
bug fixes
some changes at style

changelog: v1.0.7
new filter system
some multitasking, main program can be closed during integration
code cleanup
export superseded updates
windows 8.1 support (wsusscn2.cab)
removed dotnetframework 3.5 (not needed)

changelog: v1.0.6
new: export download links
small fixes

changelog: v1.0.5
small fixes

changelog: v1.0.4
change icon resolution

changelog v1.0.3
new: superseded updates (2. variant)
update: windows update/microsoft update usage

changelog v1.0.2
new: superseded updates
update: integration

changelog v1.0.1
fix: download issue

[release v1.0]
add search function

[update v0.15]
threading instead of backgroundworker, cancel downloading works better
more usability
fix: winxp updates (KB Number not found)

[update v0.14]
small fixes

[update v0.13]
- integration support
- dotnetframework 3.5 support
- cleanup update folder

[update v0.12]
- some patches comes with bundled update (ie Internet Explorer) with same KB Number.
This KB Number added to download url and filename begins with "bundled"
- to avoid overwrite patches with same filenames (Office 2010/2013) add Categoryname and KB Number to filename




WindowsPatchLoader2.0.exe (compiled with DotNetFramework 2.0)
MD5 288fc9578bc8bdca17c8b74600ca4eda SHA1 1581867ab5898c33196087e81f94167fa33d1a4d
SHA256 77700b359eb8ab76b27cf60ee0eeab4feff565f20b286353c4e950569a3a353b

WindowsPatchLoader.exe (compiled with DotNetFramework 4.0)
MD5 25eb6f34b4a26b1853e911c8e11aae94 SHA1 09117e106be501190f3889fba97e61a826787cdf
SHA256 2bd02547f148a77a520ad07a48becf81b328b3dd2dc6a50e08976d6ed98c7862

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I get this when I click on Search Updates > Windows Updates or Search Updates > Superseded Updates...


This is on XP. The rest of the functions seem to work fine on XP. It has XP listed in the menus so I presume it can be used with that OS.

Haven't tested on W7 yet.

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This is on XP. The rest of the functions seem to work fine on XP. It has XP listed in the menus so I presume it can be used with that OS.

Haven't tested on W7 yet.

strange :rolleyes:

and what about the updates, are you able to download the updates or such an entry in the menu ?

Thank you very much for reporting the error


Thank you very much and greetings from Austria

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but search updates via 'search > windows update' didn't work ?

can you please try to search windows updates with build-in windows updates and

tell me how many updates you get.


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