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Help using the Download option to download a file, then run it

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I used WPIW a long, long time ago for making restore CDs for my family... I came back to revisit it and it has really evolved.

I was looking at the command to download a file, I'm unsure as to the best way to do this. I would like to download a file then install it.

The download link is a php script that pulls the latest version of the file off the server (ie https://domain.com/latestfile.php)

Is this possible, or do I need to download a static file?

Either way, how can I choose to download it then run it... especially if I don't know the exact name since the name includes the version number and is subject to change?

Kel, I also need to know how commercial licensing works. I'm looking at using the product at work for deployments and want to make sure I do it the right way.

I sent you a little something via Paypal as a thank you for the software, the time you put into it, and you continued support of the project.

Thank you.

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And you may need to change inside installer.js:

Downloading files improvement.


From line 1080 - case 'WEB' :

document.getElementById("InstallItem").innerHTML = getText(lblViewing)+" " + cmd;            cmd = '"'+ReplacePath("%programfiles%\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe")+'"' + cmd;

And from line 1401:

if (FileExists(windir+"\\System32\\WindowsPowerShell\\v1.0\\powershell.exe"))   {     cmdLine = 'Powershell -NoProfile Import-Module BitsTransfer -cmdlet Start-BitsTransfer; Start-BitsTransfer -Source ' + URL + ' -Destination "$env:temp\\'+Filename+'" -TransferType Download';     fsoCmd = true;     }     else     {     cmdLine = '"'+wpipath+'\\Tools\\BitsAdmin.exe" /transfer WPI /download /priority high ' + URL + ' "%TEMP%\\'+Filename+'"';     fsoCmd = true;     }      if (AlwaysShowOutputWindow || ShowDownloadOutput)   fsoCmd = false;   ReturnCode = WshShell.Run(ReplacePath(cmdLine), fsoCmd ? 0 : 1, true);   if (ReturnCode == 0)   WriteLogLine(cmdName + ' ' + getText(InstallDownloadSuccess) + ' (' + getText(ReturnedCode) + ' ' + ReturnCode + '): ' + URL);   else   WriteLogLine(cmdName + ' ' + getText(InstallDownloadFail) + ' (' + getText(ReturnedCode) + ' ' + ReturnCode + '): ' + URL);   UpdateInstallList(("div" + i + "_" + j + "_" + FailNum), "");   cmd = ReplacePath('"%TEMP%\\'+Filename+'"' + Args) || ReplacePath('"$env:temp\\'+Filename+'"' + Args);   return cmd;}


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