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help with winnt.sif


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Hi everybody!

I was hopeing you could help me.

So here is my problem:

I know that for the file winnt.sif to work I need

to put it in the I386 folder.BUT how can I do it with XPCreate?

At first when I didn't know it was supose to be in the

I386 folder - I copied it to the "FILESCD" and also put my

OEM folder. After I burend it I installed it and it did copied

the OEM folder but the winnt.sif file didn't work! BECUSE

it was in the root dictory of the disk and not on the

I386 folder. SO IN conclusion - how do I do that

the XPCREATE will copy the winnt.sif in the FILECD

dictory to the I386?

Thanks alot!,



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Welcome, uri92. Much better post this time: positive posts get positive anwers!

You will need to create a sub-directory of the FILESCD directory, called I386, and place your WINNT.SIF there.

OK, OK, the documentation is a bit weak ...

Give it a go, and let us know how it works out for you.

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maybe you can make a big bold note on your site about where to put the winnt.sif file because i must admit it took me a day or two before i realized the FILESCD directory would actually copy the contents directly onto the CD as they are in this dir. Even tho i belive it says that somewhere on your site maybe mentioning something about the winnt.sif file would help?

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Well ... I must say that the new, sparse web site seems to have scared off some of the less experienced users, resulting in a dramatically reduced work load on this end ... so, I have to weigh the options ...

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well yeah this is true...maybe posting a stickie on the forums is a good idea. that way the user will have to have enough initiative to actually check the forums for the location to put the winnt.sif. but then again if they do a search for winnt.sif they should find this...

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  • 4 weeks later...

I seem to have a problem getting winnt.sif to work as well. When booting to the XP CD, I get this message:

Line 1 of the INF file \i386\winnt.sif is invalid

Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

Here is the winnt.sif:





































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Line 1 of the INF file \i386\winnt.sif is invalid

Not sure where you are getting the "Line 1 of the INF file". Make sure the WINNT.SIF has the correct file extention.

Also, have a look at my WINNT.SIF (attached), it works fine from \FILESCD\I386\

Hope this helps...


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Line 1 of the INF file \i386\winnt.sif is invalid

Not sure where you are getting the "Line 1 of the INF file". Make sure the WINNT.SIF has the correct file extention.

Also, have a look at my WINNT.SIF (attached), it works fine from \FILESCD\I386\

Hope this helps...

I used your winnt.sif verbatim. I don't get the Line 1 error, all the hotfixes install, however nothing is being accessed from $OEM$ from what I can tell as no apps are being installed other than what I put in SVC-EXE. It will not run unattended and I still must go through the normal setup routine (entering cd key etc.). Winnt.sif is on the CD in I386 folder after burning is completed.

In XPCREATE, I placed winnt.sif in FILESCD\$OEM$\I386 . I also placed it in FILESCD\I386 as you posted, and GM instructed. Neither worked.

I must be doing something wrong, and a simple overlook no doubt, but it's getting a bit frustrating to say the least.

Once this is figured out, how do I load reg tweaks?



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Place the WINNT.SIF (Make sure it has a SIF extention, NOT WINNT.SIF.TXT or anything like that. Has to be only WINNT.SIF) in FILESCD\I386 only! Do not place elsewhere.

Take out the Drivers for the time being. Check your WMP file, it doesnt seem to be the correct version for WinXP.

You can place the reg files in \FILESCD\$OEM$\, using a cmdlines.txt file. Both the reg file or files and the cmdlines.txt file should be there. See mine and change it to suit your own needs).

We can work on the rest once we get the present issues resolved.


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I'm having a slight problem as well. When I use a winnt.sif file, the installation ends up with IE not associated with http url's and the Windows Update shortcut on the Classic Start Menu fails to open the Windows Update Website. I can post an edited version of my winnt.sif if it would be of help.

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The problem with my issue evidently was I didn't have the directory structure set up properly in the $OEM$ folder. Once I changed it to the attached pic (including the I386 folder not shown), it installed fine. Not all hotfixes installed, at least according to Add/Remove. No big deal, I'm just happy to get this far.

Now that it appears the basic install is working, it's time to refine and add. Thanks for the help shareef59, I hope you are willing to be of assistance for a few other questions, I really appreciate it. This is a great utility and saves a lot of time.



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@xracer: Looks like you got it working ... I haven't looked over your log files, but if you are still having XPCREATE issues (and not reg tweaks / custom install issues), please post back.

@shareef59: Thanks for the help!

@daywalker03: Not sure about your IE thing. If you have it narrowed down to the WINNT.SIF file, try creating a new one with SETUPMGR.EXE. XPCREATE itself does not change file associations or the like: it only adds the files you place in the corresponding directories.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I place winnt.sif in FILESCD\$OEM$\I386 just like you said on your site and found out it dosent work so i opened up the iso and put it in the i386 dir and made a new iso and that still didnt work. So from the posts i gather it work from FILESCD\I386.

So i will try that.

Take my hat off to you for the work you have done!! compiling these unattends and AIO take along time as it is and it be nice to be given the right info, regards to your workload the wrong info will raise more questions and more workload.

Can someone tell me why did jono rename all the files why not just leave them as the original filenames, dosent give you confidence when he jokes about trojans.

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Yes, FILESCD\I386 is the correct placement. That is also what the site says ... I did add a FAQ about $OEM$, for future reference.

I suspect the file renaming of the downloader is due to the download software "limitations". Still, never hurts to do a virus scan ... I would.

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