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Blade Kitten, from the outback Australlia

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So I found this game called "Blade Kitten", and woudn't you know it, it is actually a comicbook ( online comic ).

If you remember or miss arcade stylistic gameplay or even the likes of Capcom or Konami, look no further.

The game comes off as a graphical monster, and what you would expect does not quite happens. Yes the music is not original, and very obviously commercial but at least it does something differnt. Yes the vocals ( voice actors ) are commercial ( in teather this is a good thing ) and makes you say, why even bother if we are going to have another "Kim Possible" parade. Even the story progression has no logic sense at all. But it is still something that is good.

So support this dying breed of videogames, from an Aussie publisher. On that note BK, comes with many attitudes that have been extinct, the likes of "Aeon Flux", "Tank Girl", and "Beyond Good and Evil ( the unrelated game )". Like Martial arts, exploring, collecting rocks, and even stupid robot, foot solider dialog, then look no further. BK, has all of these

If you ever played "ragdoll Kung fu" then you will enjoy the "mouse sword", basically wave your sword around, and it will do long range as well as short range attacks. Keep in mind, in most 1st world nations it is legal to carry a sword openly in public, but for guns ( weapons of extreme force ), check your local laws. Back to the MS, which kinda destroys the idea of having any combat, and makes your character almost invincible.

The game also features special graphical effects. Like zooming, which can bee annoying, comming from the 1990's and all. The game will zoom and unzoom at certain moments, and while like the effect, it can be both annoying and fun. Especially when you want to see how nice everything is, while an off screen enemy is bombing the living daylights out of you.

Check out Blade Kitten for some nice memories and all. At least it looks nice, and is ten times better then what "Scud disposable Assassin" had to deal with on the PC, and the Sega Saturn market. In fact BK, being a comic and being from the west kinda hurts it all together, but now my generation has a shot of making things the right way, so give it a try.

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