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rootsupd & disallowedcert

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I've always been using rootsupd.exe in the HF folder as there is a distinct code part in hfslip that handles rootsupd.exe

Now Microsoft seems to have changed the rootsupdate no longer supporting disallowedcert.
I've extracted an older version of rootsupd.exe and a newer one and compared the options available.
Old version:
New version:

The –u option (add to disallowed root store) is no longer available.
The extracted rootsupd.exe does not contain a disallowedcert.sst file any more.

But still hfslip gets a disallowedcert.sst from somewhere else (but I do not know where-from).
During setup therefore an error shows up, because hfslip wants to run updroots.exe for disallowedcert.sst with the options –l –u and the –u option is no longer available.

So as Microsoft removed the –u option from updroots.exe, is it safe to remove the codepart from hfslip that handles disallowedcert.sst specifically? (this should resolve the error during setup)

        IF EXIST WORK\I386E\disallowedcert.sst (                 REN WORK\I386E\disallowedcert.sst rvkcert.sst                 ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF rvkcert.sst = 1,,,,,,,998,0,0&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,rvkcert.sst                 ECHO>>WORK\HFSLIPCMDP1.TXT %%SYSTEMROOT%%\HFSLIP\updroots.exe -l -u %%SYSTEMROOT%%\HFSLIP\rvkcert.sst         ) 

Anyone knows where the disallowedcert.sst comes from (as it no longer comes from rootsupd.exe itself)?

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