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Windows 8.1 high CPU load


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Ok, I will disable this task, and also I'm thinking about disabling Superfetsh - my system is installed on Intel SSD and as I remember Intel recomended to disable Superfetch with their SSD, or I should not?

Another thing I'm thinking about: Windows Driver Foundation. That is what ProcessExplorer shows mostly all the time: http://take.ms/yz9RM

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That is a myth due to peeps claiming it can wear out a SSD.

System memory is still far faster than any SSD and unused Memory is wasted so why not use it added to the fact caching only reads from the HDD/SSD not writes and SSD's do not wear from reads only writes.

Even the 1st DDR memory from 2001 is faster than 99% of todays SSD's at 2100MB/s for DDR266 (PC2100).

Windows 7SP1 (AFAIR) onwards does not disable SuperFetch at install on detection of a SSD (or at least never did for me) I think before SP1 it did but never had a SDD then and I always install from a Win 7 SP1 image on my SSD.

Windows Driver Foundation uses my CPU a lot taking the CPU out of 1600MHZ idle mode up to 5GHZ.

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Hi Andre! Today I was playing a game via Steam, and suddenly my frame dropped to 10. I opened up task manager, and sure enough, svchost.exe was eating up my RAM and CPU. I clicked search online and came across the thread on Microsoft, clicked on your profile, and that directed me here. Anywho, I followed the instructions and uploaded the highCPUUsage.etl to dropbox ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/izl1t2qegjawzrr/highCPUUsage.7z ). Upon restart, I opened up task manager again, and svchost.exe was eating 100% of my disk as well. Could you please help me resolve this? Thanks!

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