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Privacy Settings via Autounattend or Reg File

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Is there any way to configure the Windows 8.1 privacy settings as part of automated setup? It looks like I can skip the audit (i.e. do what you manually do when using express settings), but I do not find a component that contains the indivdual settings such as location tracking (to turn them off).

After installation, I tracked down

SystemSettings_Privacy_EnableAppsUseOfAccountInfo within the current user's "Control Panel\Usage\" key

However, after disabling everythin, the value is set to 1.

Strangely enough, Google hast 3 hits for that value name.

Within this forum, I did not even find a post searching for "privacy".

I would already be glad for suggestion what to search for instead, I have not even found a list of the real audit sub-stage names so far (i.e. how each screen within user audit is actually called, so I can search for it).

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Ok, it looks like for now, the following reg key actually do the job.

Still, I would prefer to configure this within the answer file ... but I guess no one has succeeded in that?

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Usage]"SystemSettings_Privacy_EnableAppsUseOfAccountInfo" = "1;130316713108741481;SettingsPagePrivacyGeneral;SettingsGroupPrivacy;SystemSettings_Privacy_EnableAppsUseOfAccountInfo""SystemSettings_Privacy_AdvertisingIdEnabled" = "1;130316713138441397;SettingsPagePrivacyGeneral;SettingsGroupPrivacy;SystemSettings_Privacy_AdvertisingIdEnabled""SystemSettings_Privacy_EnableCollectionOfUrlsAppsUse" = "1;130316713186078936;SettingsPagePrivacyGeneral;SettingsGroupPrivacy;SystemSettings_Privacy_EnableCollectionOfUrlsAppsUse""SystemSettings_Privacy_LocationEnabled" = "1;130316713379516147;SettingsPagePrivacyLocation;SettingsGroupPrivacyLocationGlobals;SystemSettings_Privacy_LocationEnabled""SystemSettings_Privacy_WebcamEnabled" = "1;130316713511393711;SettingsPagePrivacyWebcam;SettingsGroupPrivacyWebcamGlobals;SystemSettings_Privacy_WebcamEnabled""SystemSettings_Privacy_MicrophoneEnabled" = "1;130316713715452903;SettingsPagePrivacyMicrophone;SettingsGroupPrivacyMicrophoneGlobals;SystemSettings_Privacy_MicrophoneEnabled""SystemSettings_Language_Web_Content_Control" = "1;130316991480728246;SettingsPagePrivacyGeneral;SettingsGroupPrivacy;SystemSettings_Language_Web_Content_Control"
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You can easily add the reg key from your answer file at the First Logon Commands section..

DP :yes:

Thanks, that is actually what I am already doing (to be able to roll out the settings to all users via CopyProfile).

I was just wondering why it should not be possible to configure an essential part of the setup using autounattend. My conclusion is that Microsoft really does not *want* to offer this easily. Anything else you can put into the xml file. Looks intentional. Unless - which I still hope - I am just missing the right solution.

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