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Any Cad / 3D-design software that runs on win-9x?

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Having just acquired an Afinia 3D printer, I'm now wondering if there's any cad software that runs under win-9x (with or without Kex).

Any ideas?

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Practically anything that came out in 1990's would work on Win9x, and ironically if you can locate them today they will now run rings around the average Win9x computers most were saddled with at the time.

Looking through an old list of folders from Win9x, I believe I had all of these running at onetime or another over the years ...

Softkey KeyCAD
AutoDesk AutoCAD
CADopia IntelliCAD

And there are probably quite a few more that I missed. I can't help with versions or year of trial without a great deal of trouble I'm afraid. No time at the moment. But you should be able to Google around for info from these leads. You never know, maybe some of these are obsolete and abandonware now.

Note that the above doesn't include CAD import/export converters, viewers and light editors of which there are many more.

It also doesn't include the well known vector drawing suites which sometimes have overlap with CAD suites.

And then there are also more than a few PCB ( circuit board ) CAD programs as well.

One word of caution though. These typically came in massive installers adding gobs of files and registry, and often included all kinds of Windows updates ( C libraries, MSVB, VBA, even core system files ) so there is the distinct risk that your package might want to party like it's 1995 and downgrade your system well below what it likely stands at today. If I were doing this I would definitely have a fresh mirror of my system drive sitting on the shelf. I would also have backups of SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT and complete filelists of the drive. Thankfully, such repairs are a pretty simple matter on Win9x. And it's really simple to pop the disk out and fix it up on another computer as a slaved drive.

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So you can print 3d object from Autocad? I have heard that 3d printers have existed from the early 1990's and were used to print toys?

Yeah Cad programs are very selective programs, like high-end editors and other expensive computer programs. The earliest versions came with it's own touch pad back in the DOS days. Now most people depend on the quick commands.

Shouldn't the printer have it's own loader program or something like that?

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It's not that I need a cad program to be able to print or send a job to the printer. These printers come with software to do that.

What I'm looking for is a program where I can come up with the 3-D design plans for something I want to create. Once I save these plans as an appropriate type of file (usually .stl) then I can use the software that came with the printer to print that file.

Most of these consumer-grade 3d printers rely on the owner either downloading cad files from sites like thingiverse or using google sketchup to create their own plans.

Has anyone ever tried sketchup on win-98?

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