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How to rotate and save/export video


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I needed to rotate a cell phone video but didn't find anything on MSFN so had to search elsewhere. This is just a quick note for anyone else that needs to do this.

VLC can kinda do it, but it is cumbersome and ill-supported to save/export/convert the output.

Use AVIDemux to rotate and save. It works pretty well. I used an old portable version that I found here to avoid going through an installer process.

Then I used the steps outlined here.

Pretty quick and easy.

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I made a quick test with XMediaRecode (also free and portable) it's also quite easy. But as the resolution stays the same, the image is squashed once rotated. Like if you were rotating your avatar, the wings would be 1/2 a cm each and the round bit would look like a rugby ball.

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