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NVidia 7950GT (512 Mb) + Windows Me


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Hello, guys!

For a years I've been reading this forum, planning to make powerful PC, which normally runs Windows Me, 2000 and something modern (thank God, Windows 8 came out with the UI I really like :yes:, so it's gonna be Win 8.1).

So... I've been buying parts of my future PC, part by part, but now I stuck into trouble.

Is it possible to get AGP GeForce 7950GT 512 Mb run under Windows Me? Maybe with rloew's patch or somehow else. If yes, it'll be the best configuration: no problems with Win 2K + full support of 2560x1440 resolution for all 3 systems.

Alternative configuration would be PCI GeForce 6200 for Win Me (possible problems with non-supported 2560x1440 mode) + AGP ATI Radeon HD 4670 (no drivers for Windows 2000 :} ).

My PC isn't completed yet, because I'm waiting for some rare parts like IDE Blu-Ray Drive, so I can't check if it works right now.

Motherboard fully supports Windows Me (ASRock ConRoe 865PE).

Any help will be appreciated!

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