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my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

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yea forgot to mention.

that nv4disp.inf adds lots of stuff to the registry.

i haven't tried to just use the inf but u've to start installing the .inf

1 thing u could do (i think, haven't tried it)

windows setup already comes with an old version of nv4disp.inf, so it doesn't have the control panel stuff and lots of other files.

so change your nv4 inf in the i386 folder with the new driver. and i think u should be okay with it...

after adding the inf it'll look for the files mentioned in the inf appropiate for your hardware. so put those files in i386 folder or drivers.cab...

i was thinkin on the same lines.. now jbdeock's batches [to remove drivers] may come in handy here.. they have a list of files.. say for removing nvidia drivers.

all we have to do is see in jbdeock's batches nvidia files are either replace them with newer ones if the file is present if not add them to driver.cab and make an entry in txtsetup.sif...

correct me if i'm wrong

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@echo off

if not exist i386\graphics mkdir i386\graphics

if not exist i386\graphics\nvidia mkdir i386\graphics\nvidia


echo moving files


move i386\nv3.in_ i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\nv4.in_ i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\nv4_disp.in_ i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\nvct.in_ i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\nvdm.in_ i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\nvts.in_ i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\driver\nv3.dll i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\driver\nv3.sys i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\driver\nv4.dll i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\driver\nv4.sys i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\sp1\nv4_disp.dll i386\graphics\nvidia

move i386\sp1\nv4_mini.sys i386\graphics\nvidia


echo creating log


echo nv3.inf>> temp.log

echo nv4.inf>> temp.log

echo nv4_disp.inf>> temp.log

echo nvct.inf>> temp.log

echo nvdm.inf>> temp.log

echo nvts.inf>> temp.log

echo nv3.dll>> temp.log

echo nv3.sys>> temp.log

echo nv4.dll>> temp.log

echo nv4.sys>> temp.log

echo nv4_disp.dll>> temp.log

echo nv4_mini.sys>> temp.log


echo Updating setup files


findstr /v /i /g:temp.log i386\txtsetup.sif > txtsetup.sif

findstr /v /i /g:temp.log i386\dosnet.inf > dosnet.inf

findstr /v /i /g:temp.log i386\drvindex.inf > drvindex.inf

move txtsetup.sif i386\txtsetup.sif

move dosnet.inf i386\dosnet.inf

move drvindex.inf i386\drvindex.inf

del temp.log

copy and save this to anything u like :)

u'll have to expand and update the sp1.cab and drivers.cab

or alternatively i'm sure u can swap them or tell dosnet.inf and txtsetup.inf to use alternate location for them..

edit: wait stop don't forget to add the inf to txtsetup.inf drvindex.inf and dosnet.inf

or better yet don't remove it from them just put the new inf in the folder. or something...

good luck

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:D you can delete the NVIDIA Drivers thats good news :rolleyes::

i will try that later...

i made it and its working great!!!

add some line in txtsetup.inf and winnt.sif

use MAKECAB command to compress the drivers.

Question about DRIVERS.CAB how it extracting and installing¿¿¿ :/


1  = "\"
2  = system32
3  = system32\config
4  = system32\drivers
5  = system
7  = system32\ras
9  = system32\spool
10 = system32\spool\drivers
11 = system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3

can i insert a new NUMBER in TXTSETUP.SIF¿¿¿ :)


999 = "%systemdrive%\Drivers"


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for those who want to compressed their driver and install it unattended...

(alternative method for $OEM$\$1\Drivers folder)

1. make a *.cab files:

type > iexpress in RUN

select > Create compressed files only

add > Add all your Driver Files

browse > where you want to put your *.cab files

select > Save SED file

COPY the *.CAB file to i386 folder

now You have a compressed Driver Files.

Example i have mydriver.cab

2. inside i386 folder edit DRVINDEX.INF(dont delete anything)

add the bold text:

signature="$Windows NT$"

add all the files in the mydriver.cab like this:

*to make it easy open SED file with Notepad then COPY all the files you ADDED



if you paste it in DRVINDEX.INF delete the FILE##="" and it should be like this:


add the bold text






; Drivers for my PC
mydrive.cab = 100
sm56hlpr.exe = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
sm56co.dll = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
domestic.chm = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
sm56.reg = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
IntelH51.cat = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
sm56nt5.cat = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
IntelH51.inf = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
Nehcd.inf = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
smserial.inf = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
IntelH51.sys = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
nehcd.sys = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
nusb2hub.sys = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
nusbd.sys = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0
SmSerial.sys = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0

45 means where you want to extract your files...

You can change 45 = windows\temp folder

4. edit WINNT.SIF


and thats all it works great to me hope to others too...


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First of all, thank you.

Secondly I have couple of question about details.

You said:

make cab file using iexpress. Right. What should I do in case of driver setup comtains folders (f.i. ATI or NVIDIA vireoadapters drivers)? iexpress doesn't allow to add folders into package. Absence of folders may cause error during installation. What can you offer?

You said:

45 means to extract files and mentioned windows\temp folder. Does it exactly mean that files will be extracted in %systemroot%\temp or how can I specify extraction plece directly (sorry for stuppid question but I need help on this).

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, I posted stuppid question (about "45"). Aswer is inside of txtsetup.sif.

But another stuppid question was occured. What does it meam - 100 in string


I can't understand this string and W2k can't understand it as well :-((

Please explain.

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1st of all im sorrie im busy this last few days...

@ your first post:

examples: :)

inside c:\nvidia


must have a *.cab

inside c:\nvidia\files



must have another *.cab

nvdia.cab ---------> files in c:\nvidia compressed

nvfiles.CAB ---------> files in c:\nvidia\files compressed

you have to make a new *.cab for the folders then add command to your



45 = Temp -------> is for %systemroot%\TEMP

add this:

999 = "temp\files" -------> is for %systemroot%\TEMP\FILES

note: always remember dont overwrite the other numbers

i think you can use Nos. 200 - 999 for assigning where to extract.


; Drivers for my PC

nvidia.cab = 100

drive.exe = 100,,,,,,,45,0,0

nvfile.cab = 100

drive.sys = 100,,,,,,,999,0,0

you must organize your files to extract without a problem

@ 2nd post


100 -->is the folder location in CD, 100 means i386\ folder

i dont test it in w2k, WinXP only but you can try it and you can add a post what you did to install...


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I did exactly the same as you adviced but it doesn't work!

Maybe I'm stupid but I got the message during process the txtsetup.sif by install script: - error in 3rd string in SIF file - zero equal or wrong argument in 3rd string (I inserted driver's strings at the beginning of [sourceDisksFiles]). I tried to add direct direction what the .CAB is in [sourceDisksNames.x86] - I got error again, than I tried to copy .CAB file to hard disk via dosnet.inf - I got other error and I tired to repeat it.

I started from simple package (folders didn't included) and I was fail. But I believe if you did it, I should make it as well. I suspect user error. Do you want to see changed files for having look where error is? I know it is not simple and unpleasant to search for error made by someone but I can't find it by myself...

Sorry that I'm disturbing you...


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i want to help you out!!! :rolleyes:


and the names of drivers that you want to extract...

also include the name of CAB files...

what OS are you using???

i want to know the bugs in here too... :)

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