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toolbar, how do I get rid of it?


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I really love those million smileys that you get with those toolbars but for the past couple of days IE crashes every time it boots up cos of the **** toolbar I've installed (plus getting loadsa pop ups even tho I got popup blocker)

I can't find the exe file for it neither is it listed when i got to add/remove programs

How can I get rid of it aaaaaaaargh!

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i had that thing before,(until someone mentioned hijackthis couple days ago) spybot couldn't remove (but u might remove the toolbar with it)

that hijackthis worked fine. though i had to manually spot the file. but its okay. I think it was under

O2 - BHO (no name) - etc....

well we're here if u cannot spot it...

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That's why I don't install things like Hotbar... They r big causes of pop ups and just mail and s&^t... I would remove the toolbar like Mac said, and run some Spybot on that machine... also u can use Window Washer to clean your temp files and stuff... make it nice and clean... :)

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if any kind of spy/adware destroying tools dont work for u it might be time to search ur pc for the files and then delete them manually along with searching for any registry keys releated to the toolbar

i had to do this before for a few friend so if u need any help with it i can help u get hardcore on that flakey toolbar and get ur systems up to normal again

anyways peace out feel free to drop me a line if u wanna


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