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Latest nlited dvd will not boot up


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My newest nlited dvd will not boot.  You should know that I make a new dvd about every two months without issue.  I tried my backup dvd from last month, and it would boot up if I so desired.  Since I was having an issue, I started from scratch and still no go.  I use a dvd-rw by the way.  I also tried burning to a regular verbatim dvd, burning at 4x, using Imgburn as usual.  Attached is the latest last session.ini.  I usually delete the following before I start the process:  DOCS, VALUEADD, DOTNETFX and SUPPORT Folders, and from the I386 directory I also delete the following:  WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG and WINNTUPG and Lang.  Outside of using the latest hot fixes, the rest of the format has not changed in quite a long time.

Thanks in advance,


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Maybe your boot.bin in the nLite folder got corrupted somehow. That's the boot sector that nLite uses to make a CD/DVD. Extract it from the zip at the nLite site and replace yours with it.

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