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Wpi intergration with Win7PE SE

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I recently build a network boot thumbdrive for installing and recovering windows 7 how would i go about intergrating wpi into this thumbdrive i know how to do the coding for network instalations i would like tohave wpi autolaunch win pe i tryed to open it and got a script error

line 223

char: 4

Error The specific module could not be found

Code 0

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I still need to know the rest of the information....

Also just a heads up. Due to the fact relatively no-one donates and I have only sold 10 corp licenses in 6 years WPI will soon be available in 2 flavors one free and one not.

Networking will NOT be available in the free version amongst other things (WPI switch support, multi-configs lots of other features)

I have to do something because I cannot even afford to have internet at home....

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tell ya what i love this program and have like 6 computer here at the house i will buy a licence form you if it is at a resonable price i am collage student doing a social work degree and this software actually helps us out in maintaining out network computers

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