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Hello ! I Need Help (I Can't Make Kaspersky 2013 Silent)


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Hello ! Everyone On Msfn I Have Problem With

Kaspersky 2013 I Couldn't Make It Silent I Try All

Ways But Nothings Alaways Show me Pop Ups

That I Need Help /h

I Don't Know What I Should Do Exactly If There Is

Any Method To Do It Please Tell me

And Finally Sorry for My English

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I Had Try All The Commands Lines but He Steel Show The Installation Screen And You should click install ............ etc But I Don't This I just Went with One Click And Everything Install It Self

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Downloaded and did tests following the guidelines of the manufacturer's website:


Everything works great!

How to:

How to install the program from the command prompt: http://support.kaspersky.com/8606

Step 1. Download the program distributive following the link in the email message from the eStore or from the Kaspersky Lab site.

Step 2. Unpack all files from the downloaded distributive using any application to work with archives (for example, 7-zip). Find the setup.exe file.

Step 3. Instead of using the command prompt, create a batch file script with the code below and save it as installer.bat:

setup.exe /s /p "SELFPROTECTION=1"

/s = silent
/p "SELFPROTECTION=1" = active self-defense of the product during the installation process.

NOTE: If you already have the activation code (20 digits), add it to the command. Will look like this:

setup.exe /s /p "SELFPROTECTION=1 ACTIVATIONCODE=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx"

Some commands permitted:


SKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 = skips checking of product for software incompatible with Kaspersky Internet Security
ALLOWREBOOT=1 = allows reboot if necessary
INSTALLDIR=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\kis2013 = option to set the installation directory

See other commandos in this link above.

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How Can I Do The Kaspersky SFX File Run Automatically and Put It Into Programms CD

I Don't Need To Run it With Cmd and So What !!

For Exemple Is there any way to make it with winrar !!!

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