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Cygwin and X on 98SE

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Thanks to everyone who put this forum together. It's been a godsend in getting my Win 98SE VM up and running, necessary due to some old Dblspace drives I have left over from Win 31/DOS 6.22 and the last millenium.

I was also interested in running Cygwin and X-Windows on the VM, but couldn't find any info. Now that I've figured it out how to do it, I figured I'd pay back and post the info here.

No matter what I tried with KernelEx, I couldn't get the latest Cygwin 1.7 working, but legacy Cygwin 1.5 mostly works natively on 98SE. "Mostly" because some packages don't install right, but all the docs say that 1.5 was buggy, which is why it was basically abandoned.

You won't find legacy Cygwin at cygwin.org - they removed it last year I think. However, there is still one place to find it: the Cygwin Time Machine.


You have to download the "setup-legacy.exe" from there. The site also provides the last repository of legacy Cygwin packages. The repository isn't signed (make of that what you will, security-wise), so you have to run "setup-legacy -X" so it doesn't look for signatures.

The first time you run setup-legacy, when it asks you to pick a repository, you have to manually add the one at the Time Machine, which is a few years old.


From there it works just like any other Cygwin (except for the occasional bug), giving you a Unix-like shell to work in.

While legacy Cygwin comes with an X server, I couldn't get it to work, but an old version of XMing works fine thanks to KernelEx. First, install the "xinit" and "xterm" packages on Cygwin to get the basic stuff, then install XMing server from:


Use KernelEx to force XMing to run with XP SP2 compatibility, and it works fine. Here's how it looks on my VM.


For more connectivity, Putty SSH client 0.62 works fine on 98SE, as does TightVNC 1.3.10 client and server.



Good luck!

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