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Need help/Gmail accounts show separately/Outlook 2013

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Hi, I'd appreciate help with the following Outlook 2013 issue.

I have a Win 7 x64 PC with Outlook 2013. It has a single profile and it has several email accounts (mostly IMAP Gmail accounts) that deliver emails to the same single inbox or to custom folders within the same profile according to email message rules I setup.

My PC's monitor died, so until I get a new monitor (it might be several weeks until I do so) I have no access to the PC. Luckily I backed up the PC's Outlook 2013 data files (pst, etc) to an external HD and own a laptop (Windows 8 x64) with Outlook 2013 installed that I'm using in the meantime as a backup computer.

So I'm in the process of reconstructing my PC's Outlook 2013 in my laptop, so that it behaves in the exact same way as it did in my PC. I was able to create a single profile and by importing the backed up pst file I now have the Inbox plus all custom folders with all of the email messages I had in my PC. Email message rules do not show up, but this is not a concern, I can manually create them again as I receive new email messages.

Email accounts were not created when importing the PST file, again this is not a concern as I can manually create them again (only 4 email accounts, not a big deal). However my main issue is that when I attempt to create a new IMAP gmail account (which Outlook 2013 does so successfully), Outlook 2013 will add it as a separate item in the left pane not integrated with the original profile folders (Inbox+custom folders), and when receiving emails it will not deliver new emails to the profile's inbox but instead it will start downloading ALL email messages (from day zero) to this separate account.

So my question is: how can I make my laptop's Outlook 2013 have all email accounts deliver messages to the single inbox instead of showing up as separate accounts, and at the same time recognize the email messages already imported into those folders so that only new email messages are received in the Inbox instead of downloading all of the messages (from day zero) again? Thanks

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First point, unsure.

Second point, also unsure BUT I have my OE/GMAIL (I think in GMAIL) delete "downloaded" so only new ones are in GMAIL during the next "run".

Wait for someone more knowledgeable to give a more precise/correct answer (re - Outlook). The other (what I did) was just a suggestion for future reference.

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