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Confirmation that additional drivers have been integrated


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Very new to nlite trying to find my way.

Can I ask, if I have added sata raid drivers to my XP iso should their names show up as XP setup install progresses in that same way that the bundled drivers do? i.e. Adaptec/Mylex/Msi Controllers et. al.

The drivers I think I have included do not appear by name and the install does not find a sata drive attached to the the sata raid controller.

Any feedback would be welcome.


Dave Paxton

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Yes, they should show up in the status bar like strip. If you look at your last session.ini, it should look something like this...

F:\(XP-Project)\Driver\Driversibp\MEDIA\ATI HDMI Audio\RTHDMI32.inf,0

F:\(XP-Project)\Driver\Driversibp\MEDIA\Realtek High Definition Audio\HDA32.inf,0

F:\(XP-Project)\Driver\Driversibp\Net\Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter\WUSB54G.inf,0

F:\(XP-Project)\Driver\Driversibp\Net\Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller\netrtle.inf,0

F:\(XP-Project)\Driver\Driversibp\Sata\iaAHCI.inf,iaAHCI_5 <---- SATA. Has a word instead of a 0 at the end.

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